Sightsschöne Blumen im Sommer auf unserer Alm

The alpine pasture in the Käfertal

Our alpine pasture – in German “Alm”-  is in the beautiful Käfertal, not far away from the toll Großglockner.

From May to September we are on the alm. The cows, calves, pigs, chickens and our dog Senta spent their sommer on the alpine pasture.

The cows where milked by the modern milking parlour twice a day. You can have a look at it or try to help us. The animals are on the fields during the day and enjoy the good grass and the fresh air on the alm.

Perfect starting point for hikes

You can start directly in front of our alpine hut to several beautiful hiking trails, which are even easy to cope with small children. There you will also find a water playground or on the other side the game and amusement park Ferleiten. On the “Obersatt Alm” you can relax and enjoy the alpine panorama.

Our Alm offers many starting points and is worth a visit for all ages!

If you want to go higher up, you can also conquer several peaks higher than three thousand meter above sea level! But therefor you have to start early and pack good hiking boots! The Großglockner High Alpine Road can also be visited.

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